Our practice was born out of the need for a holistic, integrative, drug free approach that addresses the root cause of pediatric neurological and developmental disorders. Today parents are frustrated by the lack of real answers to their children's challenges given by mainstream doctors or traditional therapies. Children are given drugs and years of traditional therapies without tangible results. Parents are given hard diagnosis and hopeless prognosis for their children's future. We at Brain Reconnection offer real answers. We address the root cause of neurological dysfunction. Our approach combines cutting edge tools and the most advanced treatments in functional neurology. We use a rehabilitation approach that follows the blue-print of brain development to ensure proper healing and development. We incorporate three methodologies to address this neurological dysfunction: Reflex Integration Therapy Hemispheric Integration Therapy Integrative Nutrition- specific diet and supplementation
Reflex Integration- Reflexes are the foundation of brain development, they start in utero and continue to integrate throughout the 3rd year of life through movement. Integrated reflexes help children reach milestones via motor development, communication, and emotional and cognitive skill development. When reflexes are not integrated, they inhibit development of other steps which leads to other issues including but not limited to: low muscle tone, speech delay, gross and fine motor issue, attention problems, sensory sensitivity etc.

Hemispheric Integration- The brain is made up of 2 hemispheres, the right and left hemisphere. Each hemisphere has very specific functions and tasks that it is designed to complete. When one side is not equal in developmental pace to the other you begin to see hemispheric deficits. These hemispheric deficits lead to the neurological dysfunction that we see in many common developmental disorders such as ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc. TBI and Epilepsy can also lead to a hemispheric deficiency leading to further difficulties. We approach our therapy with a hemispheric integration background, specializing in balancing out the activity and communication of the brain hemispheres in order to reach optimal function for your child.

Nutrition- At Brain Reconnection Inc. we use nutrition, diet, and supplementation to help the healing process within our clients. Many symptoms of neurological dysfunction are intertwined with diet and gut health. Hela is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC), accredited by the (AADP) American Association of Drugless Practitioners, being trained in over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques and cutting-edge coaching methods. Using this information and knowledge allows us to aid you and your child to quicker results via diet and proper supplementation.