Olivia's Picture

Meet Olivia! Olivia was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. She was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader throughout her youth which landed her a scholarship on the Acrobatics and Tumbling team at the University of Oregon. In June of 2021 she finished her successful career as a collegiate athlete and graduated with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Physiology in which she was able to learn extensive anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and kinesiology. Her studies and her background in athletics led her to become a Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports Science Association in late 2020. Throughout her senior year she was able to work as a Physical Therapy Aide, under a pilates based physical therapist which was an extremely unique learning experience.

Olivia’s experience working with children began at a young age. Her first job was as a gymnastics coach at her childhood gym. She loved being able to teach and share her love for the sport to young children in the community as well as help shape them into physically and mentally strong, caring, and driven humans. Throughout the years she has spent time coaching gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, as well as acrobatics and tumbling. Having worked with both adults and children by the time she finished her degree, she was very drawn to Brain Reconnection as the clinic and its mission to help young children and the way that Hela approaches this really resonated with her.

She originally planned on entering the traditional medical field in the future, but working at Brain Reconnection opened her eyes to the beautiful and effective field of holistic and functional neurology, which she felt drawn to expand her knowledge in. She now attends the Southern California University of Health Sciences Doctor of Chiropractic program. She decided to pursue Chiropractic to be able to help children and families access their body and nervous systems innate ability to heal and thrive naturally!