Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) 

A disorder of the auditory (hearing) system that causes a disruption in the way that an individual’s brain processes what they are hearing.


This may cause issues at home due to the child’s inability to process simple auditory information coming from family members in the form of:

- Instructions, questions, or even simple conversation.


These challenges can continue into their school environment as well. Children with APD may have difficulty understanding learning instruction, reading, writing, and spelling. It is common for these children to also have low muscle tone and struggle with activating their core and postural muscles.


The most important reflex to integrate for a child with an auditory disorder is the ATNR(Asymmetric tonic neck reflex) and STNR(symmetric Tonic Neck Reflex).

Our Specialty


In this case we use a combination of:


- Reflex Integration to address the non integrated reflexes described above, more reflexes will be uncovered through the assessment process.

- Hemispheric Integration to work on the weak hemisphere, to address the functional disconnect present 


In addition to other cutting-edge techniques to get the best results.